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"Have YOU Ever Dreamt of Being Chased? Or FLYING?
You'll Be SURPRISED At What These Dreams REALLY Mean!
Give Me Five Minutes – And I'll Reveal EVERYTHING!"

"THINK you know what your dreams mean? THINK AGAIN!
Jenny will show you how to get REAL ANSWERS from your dreams, every single night. She's solved many dream problems for me, all thanks to her Dream Meanings Kit!"

- Bradley Thompson, www.selfhelpstreet.com


Dear Friend

Let me ask you a simple question.

Do you REALLY know what your dreams mean?

Even if we don't realize it, each of us dreams between 4 to 6 times every single night. And yet HOW MANY of us think about what our dreams really MEAN?

Dreams are "messages" from the subconscious mind.

Ever dreamt of drowning? Flying? Dying? Being chased?

Or maybe, in your dream world, you've met relatives that have passed away?

Each of these encounters has a hidden message for you. And no matter where you think the messages come from, there's an ESTABLISHED METHOD for interpreting them that's been used now for over 50 years.

(I have one piece of software that will make dream interpretation REALLY easy for you.
I'll tell you about that in a minute!)

BUT MAYBE you don't think you even dream AT ALL?

Boy, is THAT common!

Millions of individuals will swear they never dream. Incorrect!

The truth is that we ALL dream, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

The problem is that the majority of us don't remember our dreams.

There are a few simple steps you can take to CURE that "forgetfulness" – and begin remembering the critical messages that are playing in front of your mind, every day.

Think about this for just one moment...

You spend ALMOST ONE THIRD of your life sleeping and dreaming.

And yet – WHEN was the last time you dedicated just 5 MINUTES to thinking about DREAMING?

Do it now.

I've got some important news to share – and I know you'll be interested!

"I never realized my dreams had such profound meanings.
Since using the Dream Meanings Kit, I'm remembering and analyzing my dreams more. I've solved many of my problems automatically, and feel absolutely GREAT. Thank you!!"

- Michael Masterman, www.geniusmindset.com

"I'm One of the UK's TOP Dream Analyst EXPERTS...
Let Me Tell You Why Dreams Are SO IMPORTANT,
And Why MOST People Don't Even THINK About Them!"

My name is Jenny Lansbury. I'm a dream analyst and life coach, based in the UK.

And I KNOW how POWERFUL dream interpretation can be!

Let me tell you a story.

It was exactly 20 years ago that "Alison," one of my first clients, came to discuss a recurring dream.

It was a complex dream, involving a never-ending blue spiral staircase, being chased by an old friend, the building of a brand new airport in her garage, and her late mother.

The dream was persistent. It wouldn't go away – and she was becoming increasingly distressed.

What did it mean?

Why did it keep occurring?

I was a junior counsellor at the time, so decided to get help from my own teachers. None of my own coaches knew where to turn – so I entered the world of psychology for assistance.

I read the works of Carl Jung, Gustavus Hindman Miller, and Yacki Raizizun – to name just a few. I even attended a ten week "dream interpretation" event, and ended up as one of the few individuals in the UK to hold a diploma in this unique field!

It wasn't easy. Research had shown that these "symbolic images" weren't always too "symbolic". Sometimes they meant the exact REVERSE of what you'd expect!


I took the dream elements from that early client and tried to piece together an interpretation. I gave Alison my findings at our next meeting.

She was stunned.

I mean, literally stunned. I won't go into details here, however the dream pointed to two separate areas of her life. Firstly, an emotional issue that was cleared the moment Alison recognized it.

Within minutes of realizing the problem, she said she'd NEVER felt clearer!

But more important, the dream pointed to a PHYSICAL FLAW in one of her car tires!

After some analysis, it was discovered her front-left car tyre was almost ready to snap off. Within a month, it would've broken away completely -- with a potentially fatal outcome for Alison and her two kids.

It might seem unusual, but these are the PRECISE sort of SPECIFIC MESSAGES your dreams hold.

Alison owes her life to my very first dream interpretation.

To use her exact words:

I would've never guessed that the dream was so important.
It even gave me the solution. You saved me!

I began to realize the POWER of DREAMS – and the magical answers they contain.

The problem is, NOBODY is LOOKING for them!

Except smart individuals. Individuals like YOU and ME.

Since that time, I've specialized in integrating dream therapy into my work. I've interpreted thousands of dreams for hundreds of clients – from actors to athletes, from business leaders to stay-at-home moms - with a 100% success rate.


All you have to do is find it. And I'd like to show you how.


"This is definitely the most amazing dream kit available! I've been using it for a week now, and I'm AMAZED at the results I've seen. I've come up with solutions to 'big problems' overnight. I never realized I was IGNORING such an important part of my life!"

- Lee Benson, www.brainbullet.com


"Here's How I Solved a Life-Long 'Dream Problem' for
Self-Development Expert, Bradley Thompson ---
And How He CONVINCED Me to Create This Special Kit!"

It was six years ago – in the heart of Birmingham.

That's where I met self-development guru, Bradley Thompson.

Many of you will have already heard of Bradley.

He's one of the most respected self-development gurus in the industry. He's the man behind personal growth tools such as Subliminal Power, Instant-Hypnosis Downloads, Binaural Beats CDs – and more.

On that day, Bradley met with many of my clients during one of my touring "Dream Circle" events.

He brought to the group one of his own long-standing dreams. It kept occurring over and over and was really troubling him. Within minutes, we uncovered the "hidden message." Bradley soon saw the solution -- and the dream never occurred again.

But since that time – I haven't been able to get rid of Bradley!

He's been constantly telling me to release my knowledge to the world, so that ANYONE can begin interpreting their own dreams – in the comfort of their own home!

I resisted at first. It seemed like a lot of hard work.

But when *I* had a dream that told me to do it, I made a move.

… And I started to create… THE DREAM MEANINGS KIT!

I won't kid you. It took months to bring together.

But now the kit has been released, I can genuinely say that this package gives you EVERYTHING you need to not only analyze your dreams, but also to figure out the HIDDEN MESSAGES that your mind is telling you!

If you've EVER wondered what a dream meant – THIS package will tell you.

It's NOT a simple list of objects and their matching "meanings". It's a package that will literally do ALL of the hard work for you – and tell you the EXACT reason you're experiencing this dream imagery.

(Oh – AND I'm throwing in an EXCELLENT piece of software that will create full reports based on every element of your dream. But ONLY if you purchase today – I'll tell you more about that in a moment!)

So, what's the BIG DEAL about this kit?


"Discover the SECRETS Inside the Dream Meanings Kit!
Learn How to INCREASE & Remember Your Dreams ...
And How to Unlock Hidden Inner Meanings, in Minutes!"

The Dream Meanings Kit is the world's ONLY downloadable package that is ENTIRELY dedicated to translating your dreams.

It contains EVERYTHING you need to begin translating your dreams – with 100% accuracy!

Firstly, it contains a copy of my course: "The Truth Behind Dreams."

This guide will explain EXACTLY what your dreams are all about, and how you can use just a little knowledge to EASILY find the hidden messages from ANY dream situation!

Inside its pages, you'll discover:

The TRUTH behind what dreams really are – and why each of us MUST dream every single day!
The 12 UNIVERSAL DREAM CATEGORIES – and why they're absolutely CRITICAL to understanding ANY dream
EXACTLY what "Continuity Hypothesis" is – and the HIDDEN MESSAGE it's giving you!
Why over 80% of people have dreamt of BEING CHASED – and what it REALLY means!
The 5 LITTLE-KNOWN REASONS that you dream, according to Jung – and the FACTORS that affect your dreaming!
The SECRET behind "Dream Predictions" – and whether what you see will REALLY come true!
Uncover SAMPLE dream interpretations from my client list – and what the dreams mean!

But that's not all.

The kit ALSO includes a copy of my second course, "How to Increase & Remember Your Dreams!"

If you don't think you dream, or you have trouble recalling your adventures in the dream world – then you MUST read this guide!

I'll show you the PRECISE STEPS to turning yourself into a dreaming superstar!

Inside the pages of this course, you'll discover:

The 5 SECRET METHODS of INCREASING the amount of dreams you have each night
The NUMBER ONE REASON that most people have trouble remembering their dreams – and how to combat it!
The 10 LITTLE-KNOWN TECHNIQUES for ensuring you remember EVERY dream you ever have!
The "ALARM CLOCK" method – You've heard of it before. Here are the TIMINGS you need!
The FIRST THING you should do as soon as you wake up (And NO – it isn't getting out your dream journal!)
IMAGE MAKING – What it is, and how it can help you remember "forgotten" dreams!
How to PROGRAM your MIND to remember it's dreams (This one is SUPER smart!)
A further TOP TEN TIPS for ensuring better dream recall!
DREAM INCUBATION – And how to use this SECRET METHOD to get your mind to provide SOLUTIONS to your problems!

Did you read that last bullet point?

No kidding. You dreams can literally provide SOLUTIONS to your deepest problems.

You've probably had that happen to you before. But I'll show you how to PURPOSEFULLY guarantee you receive solutions while you're dreaming!

And there's still MORE that I'm including in the kit.

Some years ago, Bradley Thompson shared one very important business principle with me. He said: ALWAYS OVERDELIVER.

I listened to him.


"PLUS -- Check Out My PERSONALIZED Dream Dictionary
AND Your Private Dream Log, for Recording your Dreams!
All Included Inside the Dream Meanings Kit!"

Are you ready for EVEN MORE?

In addition to the two courses, the Dream Meanings Kit ALSO includes…


Fully searchable and containing well over 2300 categorized items. Just click to view the full description – and discover the HIDDEN MEANINGS behind your dreams.

It's literally NEVER been easier!

PLUS: I'm also including a copy of "My Dream Log" – my own personalized software tool for recording all of your dreams.

Remembering your dreams soon becomes an AUTOMATIC process. And writing your dreams down in a log is CRUCIAL to your success!

That's why I'm including "My Dream Log" – a customized, visually STUNNING dream log that allows you to describe your adventures in slumber land.

It's FULLY SEARCHABLE too – so you can find PATTERNS in your dreams.

Not only that, you can also password protect your dream log, to protect your intimate dream secrets from prying eyes!

In other words, the Dream Meanings Kit contains ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you need to begin experiencing and remembering MORE DREAMS than ever before – and discovering EXACTLY what they mean, with NO EFFORT whatsoever!




Just Enter Details Into the Dream Analyzer, Click a Button
-- And Let Your Computer Produce a FULL Analysis For You!"

Dream Analyzer

Manually interpreting your dreams is one thing.

But wouldn't it be nice if you could just tell your computer what you dreamt – and have it produce a FULL REPORT providing an EXACT INTERPRETATION?

NO ambiguity. NO space for human error.

Sounds a little too futuristic?


If you purchase the Dream Meanings Kit within the month of , you'll ALSO receive a FULL, FREE copy of "Dream Analyzer!"

This awesome piece of software can automatically analyze your dreams – and extract the core meaning, in just SECONDS.

It's EASY TO USE, too!

Simply tell Dream Analyzer about all of the elements in your dream, as best you can remember. Then click a button –

- And let your COMPUTER do all the hard work!

It'll come back and provide you with a COMPLETE report, describing why you experienced the dream – and what the combined elements mean to you.


I've used it over the past few years with my clients, and it's POWERFUL.

And when you purchase in , it's YOURS – absolutely FREE of charge!


"Discover the AMAZING Dream Meanings Kit!
Here's EXACTLY What You'll Receive When You Order --
Including 3 Courses, 2 Software Tools & LIFETIME Support!"

So let me ask you a simple question.

Would you like to discover EXACTLY what your dreams really mean?

And would you like to discover how to enjoy even MORE dreams – and put your dreams to WORK, finding solutions to your problems?

And would you like to download the ONE PROGRAM that can automatically analyze your dreams FOR you – and discover the REAL-LIFE SECRETS that 20 years of professional dream analysis have taught me?

OR – Do you want to IGNORE the secrets your dreams are sending you?

If you'd like to learn more, and take FULL ADVANTAGE of the Dream Meanings Kit, then you can GRAB YOUR COPY – TODAY!

So – Let's QUICKLY review what you'll receive if you download the Dream Meanings Kit, TODAY:

EXCLUSIVE COURSE: The Truth Behind Dreams
Discover why everyone dreams up to SIX TIMES each night, and how you can begin to interpret the HIDDEN MEANINGS inside every dream. It's EASY!
EXCLUSIVE COURSE: How to Increase & Remember Your Dreams –
Increase the number of dreams you have each night, even if you don't dream at all. Plus, use these LITTLE-KNOWN TRICKS for remembering more than even more!
SOFTWARE: My Personal Dream Dictionary! –
Containing over 2300 descriptions, my dream dictionary will enable you to QUICKLY analyze and interpret ANY dream. It's EASY – and incredibly thorough.
BONUS: Dream Analyzer Software! –
Dream interpretation NEVER got easier than THIS! Start the program, select the elements in your dream – and let Dream Analyzer automatically produce an analysis FOR YOU!

PLUS – If you decide to purchase BEFORE
MIDNIGHT, TODAY – You'll receive my FREE BONUS COURSE: "The Quick Guide to LUCID DREAMING!"

Lucid dreaming is the ability to "wake up" inside a dream, and control exactly what's happening. Go flying around the world, meet your hero, even enjoy adult fun with your fantasy partner – it's EASY, when you master lucid dreaming!

I'll show you EVERYTHING you need to know. And it's all included ABSOLUTELY FREE of CHARGE – If you purchase BEFORE MIDNIGHT, !


Our usual selling price for the Dream Meanings Kit is $49.95.

But during , we're REDUCING the price down to JUST $27.95!!

That includes the two courses, my dream dictionary, the Dream Analyzer software AND the lucid dreaming course. Plus, naturally, LIFETIME SUPPORT for your purchase.

It's ALL YOURS – for JUST $27.95!!


I challenge you to find a dream analyst ANYWHERE willing to give you
JUST ONE DREAM ANALYSIS for that price!!

So take action NOW – while you still can.

Click on the following button – and YOU could be downloading the ENTIRE Dream Meanings Kit within the NEXT FIVE MINUTES!


Click HERE to download the Dream Meanings Kit!
Click HERE to download the Dream Meanings Kit!

Requires Microsoft Windows and an Internet connection.

Download links sent instantly. Windows-only.


"There's NEVER Been a Better Time to Download Your Copy!
Discover the FULL Dream Meanings Kit TODAY --
With Our 100% RISK-FREE Guarantee, Backed by Self Development Network!"

So, you want to purchase the Dream Meanings Kit?

Then BUY IT NOW - Safe in the knowledge that you're protected, with our RISK-FREE guarantee!

My publisher, the Self Development Network, are backing this product under their 100% risk-free guarantee program. Even if I disappear from the face of the planet, they'll protect your purchase dollars.

Here goes...


We know you'll find the Dream Meanings Kit to be an
INCREDIBLY VALUABLE method of uncovering
the HIDDEN MEANINGS behind your dreams.

That's why we're offering this FULL customer content guarantee with EVERY PURCHASE – backed by the Self Development Network.

We PROMISE that the Dream Meanings Kit contains EVERYTHING specified on this page – the two course guides, the dream log software, the Dream Analyzer, the lucid dreaming course,
AND all of the SECRETS!

If you don't receive EVERYTHING we promise –

(And even if I'm abducted by aliens,
at least my publishers will honour the refund!)


So there you go.

The Dream Meanings Kit is not only the MOST THOROUGH KIT to interpreting your dreams that you're EVER likely to find online – it's also perhaps the BEST BUY you'll make this YEAR!

And it's 100% RISK-FREE too!

There's absolutely NEVER been a better time to order.

So, make the decision – and begin figuring out what YOUR dreams REALLY MEAN – TODAY!


Click HERE to download the Dream Meanings Kit!
Click HERE to download the Dream Meanings Kit!

Requires Microsoft Windows and an Internet connection.

Download links sent instantly. Windows-only.



What have your RECENT DREAMS been about?

Being CHASED? Attacked? Injury, death or illness?

Car trouble?

Damaging property, or poor performance? Falling, or drowning? Failing technology and appliances?

Each of these situations have VERY SPECIFIC MEANINGS – and hold personal, hidden messages JUST FOR YOU.

And if you don't think you dream AT ALL – then that's a message all on it's own!

If you'd like to discover how to interpret your own dreams, then I'll show you HOW. There's NO mystery to it – and the interpretations are PERSONALIZED and PROFOUND.

I'll also show you how to DREAM more and REMEMBER more!

So, grab your copy of the Dream Meanings Kit – and thanks so much for visiting my site today:

Click HERE to download the Dream Meanings Kit!
Click HERE to download the Dream Meanings Kit!

Requires Microsoft Windows and an Internet connection.

With my best wishes,

Jennifer Lansbury
Jennifer Lansbury, Dream Analyst
President & Author, Dream Meanings Kit
Part of the Self Development Network

PS. You can ONLY purchase the Dream Meanings Kit from THIS site! The kit is 100% EXCLUSIVE and can ONLY be purchased at dream-meanings-kit.com. Do NOT fall for cheap imitations. Grab your copy with ALL the bonuses TODAY. Click HERE to get started!

PPS. Remember our 100% NO-RISK guarantee! Your purchase of the Dream Meanings Kit is absolutely safe. So try it out – and uncover the SECRETS that your dreams are holding. It's EASY – Click HERE to get started!

PPPS. Dream analysis has made a HUGE DIFFERENCE to my life! I've been able to make smarter decisions, discover what is distressing me at a deep level, overcome life-long habits and fears – and learn how to open my mind up to a whole new side of me! You can do it too. Just click HERE to download the entire package – and the AUTOMATIC Dream Analyzer software!

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